We are pleased to announce that the Kwoon will be open for training on Monday, June 22nd.

We are following all the proper procedures and guidelines that have been introduced by the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer and have made new changes to make it safe for both you and our instructors during classes at Plum Blossom. We will be operating at a 50% capacity (20 students per class) until further notice. Below is a list of changes at the club and what you can expect before, during and after class:

  • No Drop-ins allowed
  • The Kwoon will accommodate 20 students per class.
  • To register for class, you MUST call Tai Sifu Neil first. He will re-activate your membership and discuss which classes you are attending. Classes will be as follows: Monday and Wednesday – White and Yellow Belts (both kids and adults) Tuesday and Thursday – Orange Belt and up (both kids and adults). Once you are registered (only necessary to complete registration once), it is important that you come to your assigned classes and not another day/time.
  • No persons exhibiting any illness will be allowed in the club
  • No spectators are allowed to stay
  • Classes will be 50 minutes
  • Students are to be in uniform when they arrive for class. The change rooms will be closed until further notice
  • Students are to bring a filled water bottle as the sink will not be available to fill bottles; it will be used as a cleaning station only. Cups/glasses in the cupboard will be removed.
  • An instructor or adult will monitor the front door and the flow of students entering the Kwoon.
  • *NEW* All students will be asked to leave through the back door which is located near the Office. We ask that you drop off your child at the Kwoon door on time, and pick them up at the outside door located on Newdale Ave (south side of the building).
  • An instructor or adult will accompany and supervise the children at the side door when class is finished until their parents arrive. **Please do NOT be late picking up your child**
  • All students will be handed a clean towel and a safe sanitizing solution to help clean the area they used before they leave. After cleaning the area, all students will wash their hands at the sink located at the back of the club
  • An extensive sanitizing process will happen in the club at the end of the day
  • Hand sanitizers will be in the front foyer and the office
  • Masks are optional but highly encouraged
  • The floor will have visual markers to help remind students to stay within their designated areas while training
  • No sparring, unless students are from the same family (more explanation will be given during class)
  • Weapons used in training are allowed but keep in mind of the area you are in so that it doesn’t impact others

    There is nothing more important to us than our student’s and instructor’s safety and well being. In order to maintain a safe class environment we ask that anyone that has cold or flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath), traveled outside of Canada within the past 14 days, or have been in contact with a COVID positive person, to please stay home until you are feeling well or have completed the mandatory self-isolation process as per Manitoba Health Regulations. There will be a sign at the front door of the club with this information as a reminder for all students not to attend class if they feel ill in any way.

The situation is ever changing; if we only have a few students for one time slot, we may ask that you come to another day/time as resources are sometimes limited. We are asking everyone for patience and understanding as we try our best to adapt to the new rules and regulations.

Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for Tai Sifu Neil!