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With the loosening COVID restrictions, we are now permitted to have outdoor Kung Fu classes again! Here are the details:

  • Groups of up to five people, including an instructor
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, starts immediately
  • Kirkbridge Park, 119 Kirkbridge Dr. (north of the club, off Pembina)
  • Masks are not mandatory, but still recommended
  • Weather permitting

We will try to have as many instructors there as possible, but do be aware that if there are many more students than instructors, then some people may have to work without an instructor. It’s still a good chance to go outside and get moving!

In case of rain, we will not hold class, as it may be muddy or slippery. We won’t send a cancellation email if it’s obviously soaking wet or there’s a thunderstorm. However, do check your email in case the rules change again.

There will be no official Saturday classes in the summer (whether we are indoors or outdoors). Of course, you can talk to your instructors and if they want to hold a Saturday class, they can.

Zoom classes are still on as well. The Zoom password for all classes is 212157. Links and times are posted on the schedule as usual:

Hope to see you soon!