DiSihing Eric Wallman
Assistant Instructor - Tai Chi

Eric W.has been training with The Plum Blossom Martial Arts Academy since 1999. He has an extensive history of martial arts training prior to his studies at PlumBlossom, training in Tai Chi, Kempo, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Karate. Further to this, he has extensive knowledge in Personal Training and Pilates.

He is currently the Senior student, or Dai SiHing in the Adult Tai Chi and Qi Gong Program. As an Assistant Instructor, he is an invaluable resource to Tai Simo Peggy, and shoulders many of the teaching duties.

Knowledgable in all aspects of Yang Style Tai Chi, Dai SiHing Eric is renound for his mastery of the Tai Chi Tamo’s Cane and Yang Style Plum Blossom Fan.

Sihing Nelson Yung
Jr. Black Sash Instructor - Kung Fu

Sihing Nelson, has been training in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu since 2004. He attained the rank of Black Belt in 2012. He is currently an Assistant Instructor, and can be found teaching the Beginner Adult class and helping out with the Intermediate Adult class. His favorite weapons include the Double Butterfly Knives and the Chinese Straight Sword (also known as the “Gim”). He has participated in everything including lion dancing, semi-contact sparring, self-defence workshops and tournaments, as well volunteering for social events such as BBQs and potlucks. He also helps to organize the annual Plum Blossom "For Kids Only" Tournament. Furthermore, he is a semi-contact competitor having competed in the prestigious Guardian Challenge event.

Sihing Gordon Yung
Jr. Black Sash Instructor - Kung Fu

Gordon Yung been training at Plum Blossom Kung Fu since 2004, and has achieved the rank of Junior Assistant Instructor. He received his black belt, white fringe in 2012. He can be found teaching in the Beginner and Intermediate adult Kung Fu classes. His weapon specialties include the three-section staff and red tassel spear. Spectators and competitors watch in awe when he wields the spear in tournaments. Gordon has also studied lion dancing, and can be seen playing the cymbals or under the lion head. He has performed both forms and lion dancing at various demonstrations and events.

DiSijay Tammy Bridgelall
Assistant Instructor - Kung Fu

DSJ Tammy has trained with Plum Blossom since 2008. Her Martial Arts background also includes previous experience in Taekwondo. Tammy is a Jr. Assistant Instructor in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, and assists Sifu Peggy with the Women’s Self Defense seminars. She is a active volunteers for various Plum Blossom events, and shows her support of the Kwoon by helping to organize school events and taking photos. Her favorite weapons include the gim, double butterfly knives and wind & fire wheels.